We focus on those who are seeking a "new beginning," souls for the kingdom of God, those who want to become more "Christlike," want to learn more about living a "holy life," for those who are yearning to grow in "love and compassion," and the building of "family relationships."


We are just plain country folks who are easy to relate with. A place where you can come and find God’s love and have fellowship and be with people that loves you.

We are a church of God’s Love shining through anointed singing and preaching.

We are a small church looking to grow, so if you don’t have a home church we invite you to come visit us and if God leads you then stay with us.

At Bible Christian Fellowship we are not judgmental. We do believe things should be descent and in order.

Our Pastors #1 goal is that we gain understanding because we cannot go any further than our understanding; because through our understanding we gain knowledge and wisdom through the Word of God.

Bible Christian Fellowship is a place where you can come and feel the presence of God. You will not leave the same way you came. We welcome you to make Bible Christian Fellowship your House of worship.